Iberian Acorn-fed Chorizo Half Piece | Mast-feeding season

A traditional process for a high quality piece!

Our Iberian Acorn-fed Chorizo in Thick Casing is made following the traditional methods of our company. A high quality product made with the most superior pieces of iberian pork, a mixture of the best spices, Jaraíz de la Vera paprika cured following our traditional curing process in natural drying cellars that gives it that flavor and aroma of the best Iberian Chorizo in the world.

Good value for money!

We offer you iberian cold meats of high quality and incomparable flavor. Our Iberian Chorizo is stuffed with natural hog casings and supervised while curing so that you enjoy the best flavor.

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24/48 hr delivery

Features of the Iberian Acorn-fed Chorizo:

Origin: Guijuelo (Salamanca).

Elaboration: lean chosen from iberian porks fed with acorns during the mast-feeding season.

Ingredients: iberian pork meat and fat, salt, paprika, spices, dextrose, lactose, dextrin, soy protein, milk proteins, preservatives (E-252, E-250). Natural hog casing.

Curing time: 6 months in natural drying sheds.

Feeding: iberian pigs.

Shipping: 600 g.

Energy value2.104 Kj/508 Kcal
Fat 44 g
Saturated fats 17 g
Proteins 27 g
Carbohydrates 0.5 g
Total sugars 0.5 g
Salt 4 g

Why buy directly from Julián Martín's store?

In Julián Martín, we are manufacturers who have been specialized for 3 generations exclusively in the production of high quality Iberian Ham and Sausages. We have maintained a tight product quality policy for more than 80 years.

We have kept the traditional manufacturing process almost unchanged: the quality of Iberian ham is only achieved with exceptional raw materials, a special climatology and time, a long period of time...

Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product we change it at no additional charge. For more information you can contact us at +34 923 581 151 or by e-mail tienda@julianmartin.es

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