Professional Wooden Ham Holder, Standard Model

Ham holder made of pine wood and steel and stainless coated to hold the piece of Acorn-fed Ham or Iberian Shoulder safely and firmly. For semi-professional or domestic use.

This standard ham holder is easy to transport and storage. Its ends are suitable for holding pieces up to 9 kg. Its base is rectangular shaped and it has a long arm with dark ironworks that add a sophisticated touch to this model.

This standard ham holder is an ideal and simple utensil for ham lovers.

Top quality and great toughness with non-toxic coating!

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24/48 hr delivery

Features of the Standard Ham Holder:

Designed to be as steady as possible during the carving process, this ham holder provides an optimal usage of the piece and a greater safety to the ham-carving master.

  • Ironworks with thermal coating.
  • 42 cm long board (for hams or shoulders up to 9 kg).
  • Made of pine wood.
  • Rubber feet on its base to prevent slippage.

It is advisable to use this ham holder with the suitable knives for carving.

Julián Martín's brand

In addition to make excellent Acorn-fed Hams, Acorn-fed Shoulders and Dried Iberian Sausages, Julián Martín offers high quality accessories for their products. From the simplest ham holders to the professional ones which ham masters need for their events.

Stylish products, versatility and select materials of great duration adapted to all kinds of needs.

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