Bellota palette 100% Iberian semi-boneless

Semi-bone-out palette for easy cutting at home. Palette of Bellota 100% Iberian,coming from 100% Iberian pigs, fed with acorn during the mountain phase and 24 months of healing with traditional systems.

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100% Iberian acorn palettes Julián Martín clean and prepared for easy cutting at home.

- We have taken a Palette of Bellota 100% Iberian Julian Martin (of the good) with a healing of 2 years and an initial weight of +/- 5 kilos.

- We have removed the fan (the bone from under the paddle) making it easier to cut the piece with a knife resulting in a better use of the piece.-

- We peeled it on the front side to remove the outer layer and removed the excess bacon.

- We have vacuum packed it ready so that once opened, we can start cutting.

Technical data of the 100% Iberian acorn palette Julián Martín (easy cutting):

Palettes from 100% Iberian Pigs (100% Iberian father and mother) raised free on our farms throughout their lives.

  • Fed with acorns, herbs and natural pastures during the Montanera phase (October / March).
  • 2 years of pallet manufacturing process.
  • Palettes cured following the traditional processes of Guijuelo. Manual salting in battery system, natural dryers and natural wineries

User reviews of bellota palette 100% Iberian Julián Martín.

"Excellent paletilla, juicy and very tasty. Quite a hit. 100% recommended". Poppy, Madrid.

"The palette is practically consumed. It is delicious and although there are only two of us at home, it has lasted little, although I did not doubt it since I went to the visit of its factory two years ago and we left the whole enchanted group." Ana, Valladolid.

"Well, I have to tell you that the palette is great (and it's still), what's more, I haven't turned it around yet, although it's true that you have little left to give it to it....". Antonio Lopez. Madrid.

"In my case I still have a couple of rations or three left, but the truth is that there is already little left, we hang it so that it lasts as long as possible ;). I am not a great expert in hams, but I can rate your product as excellent, the best we have tried, I take advantage of even bacon to make artichokes or peas, which are delicious. We will definitely repeat. Greetings and thank you very much". - Enrique y Rosa - Valladolid (SPAIN)

"100% recommended! high quality and service. I'll repeat! - Luis - Madrid

"Pear is not yet consumed, it's about to end. Our review is very positive, both the point of healing, as well as the taste and smell that leaves in the kitchen,... It's great. It was the first whole palette we bought to cut at home and our 3-year-old daughter just wants ham to cut from...." Loli, Barcelona.

"Very good! I liked the pallet, it hasn't lasted two weeks, I'm sure I buy another pallet, very good brand and deal." Tobias – Madrid.

Explanatory video of the palette of Bellota 100% Iberian Julián Martín.

Differences between a 100% Iberian acorn palette and an Iberian acorn palette.

Why buy directly from Julian Martin?:

In Julián Martín we are manufacturers and we have been specialized for 3 generations only in the production of high quality Iberian ham we have maintained for + 80 years a product quality policy. See our commitment to quality.

We have kept traditional manufacturing processes virtually unchanged, we are convinced that speaking of Iberian ham what you really need is an exceptional raw material, a special climatology and time, a long time.

We will be happy to be able to solve any additional questions/questions that may arise regarding our online store/ products by phone 923 581 151 or by e-Mail

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